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For almost 25 years , MEDES has been working to develop space medicine and its applications for human health.

The activities carried out by MEDES can be divided into 3 main fields, which are closely linked:


Space exploration - MEDES is responsible for operational space medicine activities at the EAC, and provides support concerning human physiology for the scientific experiments carried out during European missions on the International Space Station (ISS).


Clinical research - MEDES runs and promotes the work of the Space Clinic, whose purpose is to support clinical research by investigators of international renown, on behalf of space agencies and also of interested parties from outside the field of space.


E-health and epidemiological monitoring - MEDES contributes to the development of applications for the benefit of society as a whole, services and technologies derived from the knowledge and experience acquired from space activities, in the fields of medicine, public health, biomedical instrumentation, and information and communication technologies.