Since its creation in 1989, MEDES has been striving to maintain and help develop French competence in space medicine and physiology and to promote the application of space research in the field of health.

MEDES achieves this through its work in three main sectors: support in space medicine and physiology for space exploration, clinical research, and lastly e-health and support for epidemiological monitoring.

Space Clinic

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A reference in space and medical clinical research, the Space Clinic can support you at every stage of your project.



These people aren’t astronauts – or not quite! To simulate life in microgravity conditions, they have spent three 21-day periods lying down! Watch the video (in french) produced by CNES during the most recent bed-rest study carried out at the MEDES Space Clinic.


Dr Godard talked about her career and her profession.
How did you become an Astronaut Doctor?
"...As far as I was concerned, I felt that I was destined for this kind of career.
Since I couldn't be an astronaut (though I had once hoped to be one) I wanted at least to be able to work with them! ..."
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