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Getting to MEDES...

MEDES is located in Toulouse, in the Rangueil district.
Its premises are located on two sites:

  • The Space Clinic (at the Rangueil University Hospital), where the various experiments take place
  • The head office, Waypost building, where the administration and the "Engineering projects" pole are located


Getting to the Space ClinicMEDES-Space Clinic: 05 62 17 49 50


The Space Clinic is located within the Rangueil University Hospital. The building is located next to the H2 Unit. Consult the map of the CHU:le plan du CHU to locate MEDES precisely.


MEDES-Clinique Spatiale
1 avenue Jean Poulhès
31400 Toulouse



Getting to MEDES- WAypost

MEDES-Waypost switchboard: 05 34 31 96 00

The MEDES offices are located in the Waypost building, opposite the Halle des Machines.



Bâtiment Waypost, (4ème étage)
2 avenue de l'aérodrome de Montaudran
31400 Toulouse