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Date :

2020 – 2023

State of progress

In progress

Objective :

Definition of new physiology instrumentation

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The Physiotool device

The aim of the project is to carry out a feasibility study for defining new physiology instrumentation to be carried on the Columbus module of the ISS (International Space Station).

It is intended to be versatile and will include instruments for the study of the cardiovascular, muscular and metabolic systems, as well as for neuroscience experiments. The possibility of coupling with other instruments already deployed, such as the EveryWear system or an ultrasound scanner, will also have to be evaluated.

Initially, this tool could be used on board the ISS from 2022 until 2025 or even 2028. It could be implemented in the EPM (European Physiology Module), or remain independent of it. Its scope should then be extended to include space exploration on the Moon and Mars.



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