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Assistance with e-health and epidemiological surveillance projectsDo you wish to set up an innovative e-health or epidemiological surveillance service?


MEDES is a “laboratory of innovation” with more than 10 years [JK1] experience in developing and deploying e-health projects, particularly regarding satellite-based services, and can help you throughout all the phases of your project.

In particular, MEDES can provide:


Support with specifications and assessment

Do you wish to develop and assess an innovative e-health service?

MEDES can:
    - help you draw up the specifications,
    - help you perform the clinical assessment using its own clinical services

MEDES has also acquired specific competence (and has the necessary tools) for developing software applications for the collection and secure management of data, and for the personalised monitoring of patients.


A data-collection application

Do you need to develop a data-collection application?

MEDES can propose:
     - support in developing the application, from the specification stage to the information system
     - assistance in the use of the “IMOGENE” application editor, to facilitate the development of your application, with:
          > training in how to use it
          > technical support for your teams for their initial developments

To see a more detailed description of IMOGENE, click here.


A customised monitoring application

Customised personal monitoring is a very strong trend in medical practice, but requires the use of information systems close to the patient. MEDES is fully aware of these trends and has undertaken the development of a platform for personal monitoring. This platform, based on standard market technologies and free of all copyright, is fully transferable.

To see a detailed description of the monitoring application, click here.

For example, if you wish to:

  • develop an integrated personal assistant the patient can use to monitor him or herself, or services for health education or therapeutic education or self-monitoring by the patient,
  • integrate your medical device into an e-health system,
  • collect and exchange data between heterogeneous information systems,

MEDES can:
     - study, together with you, conditions for enabling you to use its system or for joint collaboration, in order to speed up development and reduce your costs.