On demand case report forms

To meet its own needs for clinical research, MEDES has developed a tool to facilitate the creation of electronic observation schedules.

This tool can be adapted to meet any specific need.


It offers the following main features:

  • synchronous collection of data from communicating sensors, when the communication protocol is published by the manufacturer,

  • data storage using database managers for semi-structured data, which impose no constraint on the format or type of data stored. Two types of storage are supported:
  • A semantic Resource Description Framework (RDF) database, in which the meaning of a data item is stored at the same time as its actual value, thus facilitating the exchange of data with other systems, and enabling correlation with other RDF databases
  • A NoSQL document-oriented database, which offers high performance, even with large volumes of documents or a great number of simultaneous users
  • services for data mining and calculating aggregated values. However, these services do not include the full range of functions offered by specialised applications for managing clinical trials

  • data-hosting in compliance with the rules applicable to the stora  ge of personal data.


  One example of such deployment is the TEMIS project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about any specific need.