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Assistance for projects in clinical research

MEDES can help you with your research projects by offering:


Access to the Space Clinic

Do you wish to draw up a research protocol that could benefit from the facilities at the Space Clinic?

MEDES can:
     - provide access to the facilities at the Space Clinic in compliance with operating rules in force at this research establishment
     - assist in drawing up the research protocol

NB: as regards the University hospital teams from the Toulouse University Hospital (CHU), MEDES relies on the Rangueil Centre for Clinical Investigation , which is on the premises of the Space Clinic.


Support with methodological and regulatory issues

If you need to draw up clinical research protocols, but:

  • you need scientific, clinical or regulatory advice
  • you need help in acquiring accreditation and in setting up and running a research establishment

MEDES can:
      - advise on how to draw up the protocol and, if necessary, provide the scientific and medical expertise of its own members,
      - help you through the regulatory process for obtaining accreditation for the establishment, and provide the medical competence necessary to run it


Creating an 'on demand' case report form

Are you looking for a tool for collecting the data for your research?

MEDES can:
     - adapt and supply an electronic case report form that complies with the hosting rules for personal data

For more information on 'on demand' case report forms, click here.