BIOSMHARS project (2011-2013)

BIOSMHARS is a 2-year research project co-funded by the European Commission under FP7.

6 partners are involved in the parntership.


BIOSMHARS objectives

The BIOSMHARS project aims to develop, to calibrate and to validate a mathematical model to predict the transportation of bioaerosols in a closed environment and the concurrent spread of biocontamination. This model should support the implementation of proactive countermeasures.

BIOSMHARS is the first phase a joint EU-Russia research effort to develop the scientific and technical tools for a comprehensive approach to the challenging issue of biocontamination inside manned spacecrafts.

The long term objective is to improve the biocontamination control strategy in spacecrafts with possible applications for closed environments on earth.


Please consult the BIOSMHARS dedicated website for more information on the project, the steps of developement, the facility, the schedule...

Biosmhars website: