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Support for technological research

Space exploration calls on innovative techniques for diagnosis, medical monitoring and remote medical treatment, as well as technologies for providing the healthiest possible environment for crews (Habitat and Life Support).

For this reason, MEDES participates in several studies whose purpose is to assess the medical risks and draw up roadmaps. MEDES also contributes to the definition and assessment of new technologies for monitoring the health of astronauts.

Scanner osseux développé dans le cadre du projet ADOQ

These innovations lead not only to scientific and technological progress but also to economic benefits.

For example, the ERISTO and ADOQ projects (investigating osteoporosis on Earth and in space) co-ordinated by MEDES have produced numerous publications and contributed to the arrival on the market of a reference technology providing imagery of bone architecture by a company called SCANCO.

These technologies generally find applications for human health on Earth.

MEDES takes a close interest in these “dual” applied research projects, which bring space, medical and industrial research to bear in the field of health.

MEDES is often asked to coordinate such technology research projects, and usually plays a role in the specification and clinical evaluation phases.