Alpha Mission

In 2016, Thomas Pesquet made his first space flight with the Proxima mission.
In spring 2021, he will fly again on a new 6-month mission, called Alpha.

More than ten experiments have been developed and supported by CADMOS/CNES, which also manages all the physiological experiments on board the station, whatever the mission and the astronaut who carries them out.

On behalf of CNES, the MEDES team at CADMOS is heavily involved in these specific experiments at Alpha: preparation and follow-up with the scientists, spatialization of the experiment, drafting of procedures, training of the astronaut, etc. They are now ready for the mission and the teams will then provide operational support for the execution of these experiments on board the ISS.

In addition, MEDES is working closely with the astronaut and will provide medical monitoring for Thomas Pesquet during his flight.

Motivation, enthusiasm, involvement... a whole team at the service of the success of this new space adventure!


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