Travel medicine (2013)


In 2013 MEDES developed an e-health application called MediTrip, designed to accompany travellers on their adventures by providing a personalised medical monitoring solution.

During a trip, in addition to the various measures already available to avoid unnecessary risks to travellers (health check-up before leaving, regular contact with a doctor, first-aid kit, etc.), all the parties providing support for a potentially hazardous trip need to be networked together.

This is the function of the MediTrip e-health software developed by MEDES. It is based on a personalised monitoring platform, developed as part of CNES’s health applications programme. It relays physiological information, sending text messages via satellite.


Software MediTrip main functions

The software’s main functions are as follows:

  • Reporting of symptoms
  • Information on vital signs (temperature, weight, pulse, blood pressure)
  • Analysis of sleep (time, quality, etc.)
  • Sending of messages (to targeted recipients)
  • Consultation of medical records
  • Information on about twenty transmissible and vector-borne infectious diseases
  • Fact sheets on the action to take when faced with certain symptoms (allergy, heat stroke, bites, etc.)


The software is adapted to the specific needs of each trip