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Teleconsultation for NurseInformation system for nurse and doctor

"Nurse Teleconsultation" project has been carried out by request of ONSIL (Organisation Nationale des Syndicats d'Infirmiers Libéraux) and with their assistance.


This project was jointly conducted by MEDES and Anyware and started in 2006.

The objective was to create an information system based on mobile devices (PDA, smart phone) allowing the sending of textual data, photos and videos by a nurse to a doctor in order to get a diagnosis and/or confirmation of the action to be taken at a distance.



 Currently, when a nurse is with a patient, the communication with the general practitioner or a medical specialist is done with a mobile phone. This solution poses several problems. In fact, not only is there no way to follow information exchanges that take place between the nurse and his interlocutor, but the perception of the situation by the physician is uniquely based on the voice description done by the nurse, and this is not always sufficient for a diagnosis or to define what should be done.

The information system available by the ONSIL project meets these needs.


The answer given by the system

 The system can store and safeguard all exchanges between the nurse and doctor.

Furthermore, the information provided from the mobile equipment will be made available via a web interface without the need to have a mobile device.

The doctor may also write from its terminal, an answer or an order for actions to be carried out by the nurse.


Thus, the system offers in particular the possibility:

For the nurse:

  • To acquire biomedical data from an ECG or a tensiometer (measure of high blood pressure)
  • To follow up their interventions,
  • To facilitate the application of diagnosis,
  • To facilitate the demand for medical agreement as part of the modification of treatment...


For surgeries:

  • To locate the nearest nurse of a patient (in the context of an emergency call).


Use situation

 The use of the system will be very useful in a lot of situations:

  • Demand for diagnosis
  • Adaptation of a treatment
  • Information and the consent
  • Nurse’s prescription
  • Hospitla access
  • Emergency calls and location
  • Post data processing


Diagram of a use situation: demand of diagnosis