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Medical Application Everywear

Developed for CNES as part of Thomas Pesquet's Proxima mission, the Everywear software application provides medical and nutritional monitoring for astronauts on board the ISS.
Coupled with a set of biomedical sensors, this application is like a real assistant, materialized by a simple application on a touch pad.
This application has been a real success and is used permanently on the station. It is used by all European astronauts and some NASA astronauts.



In the details...

It is a scalable mobile application, installed on a consumer touchscreen tablet, through which it is possible to collect medical and physiological data from a set of physiological sensors (smartshirt, tonometer, actimeter, glucose meter).
It is also used to ensure the nutritional follow-up of the astronauts, the execution of physiological experiments via questionnaires and the exchange of encrypted messages between the astronauts and the medical teams on the ground.

During Thomas Pesquet's Alpha mission, EveryWear was used to aggregate data from the Lumina experiment. It is also thanks to this interface that Thomas Pesquet answered the questionnaires of the Edible Foam, Dreams and Immersive Exercise experiments.