Regarding e-health, MEDES has been working for more than 20 years in the fields of remote medicine and disaster medicine.

In remote medicine, MEDES is involved in numerous projects in a variety of fields such as:

  • remote consulting at isolated sites (French Guiana network),
  • remote ultrasound examinations (ARTIS),
  • remote diabetes prevention (Diabsat),
  • an airborne remote medicine device (FAST),
  • medical safety for travellers (MédiTrip),
  • etc.

For example, for remote consulting, MEDES has developed a remote medical network that is now regarded as permanent (French Guiana network) enabling patients to receive a remote medical diagnosis at isolated sites where remote consulting represents a genuine improvement on existing health-care systems (practitioners are no longer medically isolated, as they can now discuss difficult cases; patients and their families are more easily satisfied; therapies and care can be organised and implemented remotely, etc.).


Via its various projects such as DELTASS (Disaster Emergency Logistic Telemedicine Advanced Satellite System), I-Discare, Emergesat and the PSMA Advanced Medical Tele-assistance Station, MEDES is also heavily involved in disaster medicine, principally by developing an operational information system and telemedicine applications to assist medical units deployed at disaster sites.