Clinical research for health

In addition to its research activities into space medicine, MEDES undertakes numerous studies for traditional clinical research. The Space Clinic is accredited as a research site, authorising it to undertake clinical studies in physiology, to assess the effects of medicines or medical devices.


The Clinic has high-quality technical facilities, considerable experience and a reliable network of partners that enable it to perform its clinical studies, in full compliance with the rules and practices of clinical research. The Clinic guarantees the quality of the research carried out there and the safety and wellbeing of the volunteers who take part in the various studies.


MEDES has carried out several studies, on such subjects as:

  • the physiological effects of physical inactivity (the effects of immobilisation during long-haul passenger flights),
  • the effects of mechanical stress on bone turnover,
  • the effects of medication on vigilance (during driving),
  • sleep,
  • pharmacokinetics,
  • testing new medical devices (e.g. an instrument for measuring bone quality).

In addition, these studies benefit from all the competence acquired by MEDES in the space field, which is thus profitably transferred to the clinical field.


All studies are carried out on the premises of the Space Clinic.

To learn more about the Clinic, its infrastructure, its facilities, etc., click hereThe Space Clinic.